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    Our SoapFree cleaning is a safe and effective cleaning product that contains no harsh chemicals or solvents making it the best choice for residential carpet cleaning. Fast drying and odor-free.

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    Carpet cleaners Lakewood Wa - Steam Cleaning

    In order to really clean carpets and upholstery, the cleaning product must be effective and powerful at removing soil, dirt, grease and spills without leaving a residue behind. These potentially hazardous residues often attract particles that contribute to quicker re soiling. Bottom line; fabrics will stay cleaner longer and are safer when they do not have soap residues present. SoapFree™ is powerful at cleaning your furnishings and completely rinses clear. Your carpet and upholstery will stay cleaner longer and you will benefit from a healthier indoor environment without the concerns associated with detergents. Carpet cleaners Lakewood information at 253-359-8962

    • Pre-treatment and conditioning of all carpeted areas
    • High temperature, Soapfree cleaning and rinsing 
    • Powerful extraction and quick dry time
    • Movement of furniture using pads to protect carpet
    • Convenient appointments
    • Experienced technicians
    • Exact pre work pricing - no hidden charges

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  • Carpet cleaners Lakewood Wa - Cleaning Tips

    Carpet cleaners Lakewood Wa - Steam Cleaning

    When we visit our customers we can sometimes see previous spill clean-up attempts. If too much agitation or aggressive scrubbing is applied to carpet fibers the inevitable result is texture distortion; even if you remove all of your spill you will be left with permanent wear that cannot be reversed. Always remember to apply only light pressure with clean cotton cloth and dab gently to remove spots. Another mistake occasionally made by consumers is applying bleach to remove carpet stains. 

    Using household bleach to remove stains is A BAD IDEA that may have been inspired by a persons successful attempt at stain removal on a type of carpet known as Olefin (polypropylene); Olefin is solution dyed, which makes it very stain resistant and can sometimes withstand the harsh action of household chlorine bleach without dye loss. However, most nylon carpets will suffer permanent dye loss if exposed to bleach and the latex backing of any type of carpet can easily be damaged by bleach. There is also the possibility of reactions with other household cleaning products which can cause further damage and be a health hazard. (Bleach will DISOLVE wool!) We do not recommend this method of removing stains on any type of carpet.
    The most effective way to remove spills, (aside from calling Xtreme Clean) especially large ones, is to utilize a wet/shop vac to extract the spill. If the spill is a soft drink or juice use a heavily diluted detergent solution - a teaspoon of dish soap added to a gallon of water and apply (a trigger spray works well) heavily to the spill to remove remaining residue. Follow up with a solution of clear water consisting of 1/10 of white vinegar to neutralize the detergent solution that was initially used. Apply as before and extract thoroughly. You may also, obviously, use a portable machine such as a bisel. This is precisely what these type of machines are great for: cleaning small spills. We do not recommend trying to clean an entire home with such a machine. If you have ever attempted it we don't need to tell you why! If you have any questions about spot or stain removal.

    Please call us with any Lakewood carpet cleaning questions about stain removal at 253-359-8962.