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    Thorough, deep cleaning removes soil, dust and spills. A heated cleaning solution is is flushed thru carpet fibers effectively cleaning and extracting soil. For The BEST Carpet Cleaning CALL TODAY!

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    For the cleanest possible carpets and furniture professional truck mounted steam cleaning removes soil and other contaminants by flushing and extracting your carpets fibers with a heated cleaning solution; it effectively removes soils, spills and oily grease spots from your carpet. It also deodorizes, leaving your carpets smelling fresh and clean. For a cleaner and healthier home, we use the most effective cleaner on the market that is non-toxic, fragrance-free and clear rinsing; SoapFree Miracle Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner. A technologically advanced formula, SoapFree™ leaves carpets cleaner, softer and drier, for a difference you can feel.

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    Do you have pets? Learn about the best methods to treat pet odors and damage. There can be many sources of bad odors. We have a variety of solutions including general odor counteractants to thermal fog deodorizing. We also treat pet stain and odor problems. Please call us for inspection and repair estimate. Click here to learn more about pet odor or call Xtreme carpet cleaners Puyallup for any pet damage questions.

  • Want the best cleaning service - beware the lowest prices

    All of us are cost conscious. When we are looking for a good price on a product or service we are just being smart. However there are certain goods and services that we don't want to go cheap on. Things like: An Automotive paint job, and plastic surgery.

    There are two ways that people try to save money when it comes to cleaning their carpets. Purchasing or renting portable carpet cleaners is one of them. A rental carpet cleaner machine usually contains a solution and recovery tank. Each tank will need to be filled and emptied several times to clean a single room. The small vacuum motor often makes it necessary to make an additional pass to remove the soapy water left behind. Because the cleaning solution is often from a household water tap, which is seldom very hot, the cleaning power is very limited. Store bought machines which resemble a vacuum cleaner have even smaller tanks, which requires a great deal more emptying and refilling of the reservoirs. In addition the vacuum motors are also considerably smaller. Which means that thorough extraction of the soapy water is even less likely than with the rental machine. This residue that gets left behind in the carpet can often make a dirty carpet even dirtier. The sticky, soapy residue will attract soils like a magnet causing rapid re-soiling. Carpet Cleaning Tacoma. A tell tale sign that too much cleaning detergent was used and not completely removed is a browning which can cover the entire area "cleaned" or effect only small patches of carpeted areas. If proper care is taken reasonable results can be achieved with lightly soiled carpets however because these types of machine lack sufficient pressure, heat and extraction ability it can be very difficult to effectively clean heavily soiled carpet. So what are these type of portable cleaners really good for? Spot cleaning; drink spills, and little accidents. Also, keep in mind, if you decide to clean with portable carpet cleaners the time and physical effort involved to clean even a small house can be considerable. Carpet cleaners puyallup.