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    Soapfree carpet cleaning for the Dupont Wa area. With truck mounted cleaning. Steam cleaning removes and cleans even the most heavily soiled carpets. We leave your carpets fresh and clean as can be!

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    Dupont Wa Soapfree Carpet Cleaning

    By choosing Xtreme Clean you get the deep cleaning power of truck mounted equipment, our carpet cleaning system is fast drying and results in a clean, healthy living environment. Clean carpets mean a fresh clean home.

    Xtreme Clean has serviced the greater Dupont Wa area for over 11 years. You will receive the most thorough cleaning service possible.

    We use professional truck mounted cleaning; A HWE process (Hot Water Extraction) that deep cleans, and leaves your carpet cleaner, longer. Our Soapfree carpet cleaning solution is safe for your family and pets. 

  • "It is "tough on dirt, easy on people." - Dupont Wa carpet cleaners


    Clean, dry carpets... the ONLY thing SoapFree™ leaves behind.

    SoapFree is safe and effective and contains no harsh chemicals or solvents making it the best choice for residential and commercial applications. No extra rinsing required—fast drying. Carbonated, Odor-free, & Free Rinsing.
    Now you can get all your furnishings safely cleaned without using harsh chemicals, heavy perfumes or detergents that leave soil attracting residues. For a cleaner and healthier home, we use the most effective cleaner on the market that is non-toxic, fragrance-free and clear rinsing; SoapFree Miracle Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner. A technologically advanced formula, SoapFree™ leaves carpets cleaner, softer and drier, for a difference you can feel.

    Enjoy Carpets and Upholstery That Stay Cleaner Longer:

    In order to really clean carpets and upholstery, the cleaning product must be effective and powerful at removing soil, dirt, grease and spills without leaving a residue behind. These potentially hazardous residues often attract particles that contribute to quicker re soiling. Bottom line; fabrics will stay cleaner longer and are safer when they do not have soap residues present. SoapFree™ is powerful at cleaning your furnishings and completely rinses clear. Your carpet and upholstery will stay cleaner longer and you will benefit from a healthier indoor environment without the concerns associated with detergents.

    The Secret of the Reappearing Spot!

    Cleaning products that are not thoroughly rinsed leave a residue that will attract dirt like a magnet, causing rapid re soiling and making old spots reappear. With just one cleaning, SoapFree™ removes pre-existing shampoos lurking in your carpet. SoapFree™ contains no soap, therefore, no residue and no reappearing spots! Your carpets will dry cleaner and faster!

    Formulated to meet or exceed all established standards of fifth generation stain resistant carpet manufacturers.

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