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    We love our pets and put up with a lot of things that we would never allow our family and friends to do. Can you imagine uncle Bob coming over for dinner and afterward facing a corner to relieve himself? He would be out the door before you can say "crazy relatives". However, little cuddles can go and go day after day and we still have a warm fuzzy place in our hearts for him. With this reality in mind we must be prepared to attack those pet "accidents" before permanent damage is done and our home becomes an unhealthy place.

    When pet urine is first deposited it has an acidic Ph of about 5 or 6. This is a perfect breeding condition for bacteria which then begin to break down the urine waste giving off that pungent odor that urine is famous for. After about 24 Hours the urine begins to turn from an acid to high Ph alkaline between 10 and 12 on the Ph scale, this further adds an ammonia smell to the decomposing waste. If not removed quickly the high Ph of the urine can cause permanent discoloration, especially with nylon or natural fibers such as wool. Lacey Wa carpet cleaning and pet odor removal.

  • Here is a quick but effective way to treat fresh animal surprises: When urine that is less than 24 hours old it is in an acidic state and so the first step is to neutralize the acid which will aid in removal.

    If you have a wet vac machine handy mix 3 parts clear ammonia with 1 part water and saturate the spot for 5-10 minutes. Thoroughly extract the ammonia solution and urine with your wet vac and repeat this procedure again. If you have no means of extracting the urine then the next best solution is to use an enzyme product. There are many enzyme based products available that will digest and neutralize the bacteria that feed on urine waste. Some will also help prevent staining if the spot is acted upon quickly enough. Keep in mind that when attempting to treat the pet spots it is necessary to completely remove the source of the odor or any treatment will be ineffective. This means that thorough removal of the urine wastes that are on and under the carpet (and pad beneath) are a must for complete odor removal for Lacey Wa carpet cleaners. 

    If you have not had any success at removing your pet stains and the odor that comes with it, professional repair may be necessary. Sometimes the most effective way to treat urine spots is by lifting the affected carpet and removing and replacing the pad beneath. Occasionally the sub-floor can become contaminated as well as the tack strip along walls and must be treated with an odor barrier.

    Sometimes the damage can be extensive enough to warrant replacement of the carpet. We specialize in treating animal odors and stains. Call us for an appointment to inspect and estimate the cost of repair. For carpet cleaning in Lacey Wa call 253-359-8962.